The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evaluation Project
At OBMEP, we have a passionate and expert staff committed to fisheries research and monitoring throughout the Okanogan River Basin. You can contact our team using the information below.

Colville Tribes Fish & Wildlife Department
25 B Mission Road
Omak, WA 98841

Omak Fish & Wildlife Office: 509-422-7529
Fax: 509-422-7443

Biologist Staff
John Arterburn
Anadromous Fish
Biologist IV

509-422-7424 (office)

John joined the Fish and Wildlife department in 2001 and has managed the OBMEP program since 2004. He is currently the principle biologist overseeing multiple research, monitoring and evaluation projects, sits on several regional boards, manages contracts, and oversees habitat status and trend reporting.

Brian Miller
Anadromous Fish
Biologist III

509-422-7739 (office)

Brian joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2008. He manages the fisheries research portion of the program and conducts steelhead spawning surveys, mark-recapture surveys, snorkel surveys, GIS analyses, and report writing.

Ryan Klett
Anadromous Fish
Biologist III

509-422-7733 (office)

Ryan joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2013 and has been with OBMEP since 2016. He manages the habitat monitoring components of OBMEP including data collection/management, GIS, and habitat status and trend reporting.

Mary Davisson
Anadromous Fish
Biologist I

509-422-7498 (office)

Mary initially joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2010 as a fisheries technician. She subsequently earned her B.S. and returned as a biologist in 2016.  Mary is responsible for collecting habitat data, water quality and discharge monitoring, and collecting macroinvertebrate samples.

Darin Hathaway
Anadromous Fish
Biologist II

509-422-7454 (office)

Darin came to the Fish and Wildlife Department in the spring of 2010. He manages and oversees the Okanogan basin-wide PIT tag array, a joint-project with WDFW, and conducts mark-recapture and snorkel surveys.

Sonya Schaller
Anadromous Fish
Biologist II

509-422-7453 (office)

Sonya came to the OBMEP team in 2011, with a variety of experience in habitat data collection, GIS, and restoration work.  She currently oversees the video program, conducts rapid habitat assessments, stream flow and GIS analyses.

Technician Staff
Edward Berrigan
Fisheries Technician II

509-422-7432 (office)

Edward has been with the Fish and Wildlife Department since 2006. He assists with video review and maintenance of the video system, helps maintain the basin-wide PIT tag array system, and makes sure all equipment is running appropriately.

Oly Zacherle
Fisheries Technician II

509-422-7432 (office)

Oly began working for the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2007. He is responsible for habitat data collection, water temperature monitoring, and helps run the Omak Creek screw trap, and adult steelhead weir trap.

Vertis Campbell
Fisheries Technician I

509-422-7432 (office)

Vertis joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2008. He works on the screw trapping project, Okanogan weir, carcass surveys, assists with habitat data collection, as well as maintaining the video systems.

Jack Roy
Fisheries Technician II

509-422-7432 (office)

Jack joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in the fall of 2010. He is responsible for the video program with video review, maintenance, deployment, and troubleshooting.  He also helps with PIT tag antenna install and maintenance.

Byron Sam
Fisheries Technician I

509-422-7432 (office)

Byron joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2011. He assists with operating an adult steelhead weir, rotary screw trap on Omak Creek and the adult ladder trap at Wells Dam to collect and tag sockeye. He also works on a variety of habitat monitoring projects.

Mike Miller
Fisheries Technician II

509-422-7432 (office)

Mike joined the OBMEP team in 2011. He helps maintain the basin-wide PIT tag arrays, data downloads and management, assists with juvenile steelhead monitoring and conducts adult steelhead spawning surveys.

Administrative Staff
Loni Seymour
Associate Accountant


509-422-7430 (office)

Loni has worked at Fish and Wildlife since 2004. She is responsible for project accounting, supporting Fish and Wildlife staff, and managing the workload of the office assistants.

Mickie Allen
Purchasing Agent

509-422-7426 (office)

Mickie has been with the Fish and Wildlife Department since 2008. She acts as the purchasing agent for the anadromous fisheries division.

  Vanessa Sanchez
Office Assistant and Receptionist

509-422-7429 (office)

Vanessa joined the Fish and Wildlife Department in 2014. Among many things, her duties include processing contracting payments and issuing hunting and fishing licenses for tribal and non-tribal members on the reservation.