The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evaluation Project
The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evalutation Program Wraps Up Another Year

The Okanogan Basin Monitoring and Evaluation Program completed another successful year of data collection for 2010.  The year began with a successful screw-trapping season on the mainstem of the Okanogan River.  Operations of the screw trap had to be temporally suspended during very high spring runoff, but resumed and continued through mid-July.  Adult spawning surveys were completed successfully on the mainstem Okanogan and its tributaries this spring.  It was a great year for returning adults, and staff observed the highest number of redds ever recorded since the program began in 2004.  The video program monitored adult steelhead returns to three tributaries (Salmon, Ninemile, and Antoine Creek) and passage at Zosel Dam.  This year, the video recording equipment at Zosel Dam was upgraded to a system that can hold 6 terrabytes of data!  This will ensure that data are stored and not overwritten before staff have had a chance to review the data, a potential problem that has always kept staff working around the clock during the large sockeye runs.  Habitat data collection began in late July and concluded in late fall.  The habitat crew did an outstanding job this year and collected a thorough set of macroinvertebrate and water quality data.  Results from the 2010 season will be available on our publications page soon.