The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evaluation Project
Progess being made to the basin-wide PIT tag array project
The Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) continue their collaboration on basin-wide PIT-tag array systems in the Okanogan River Basin.  To date, 17 permanent and 5 temporary PIT-tag array interrogation locations have been identified within the Okanogan River Basin.  Five of the permanent sites have been completed and are currently collecting data.   These sites include, Salmon Creek (SA1), Zosel Dam (ZSL), Nine Mile Creek (NMC), Antoine Creek (ANT) and Omak Creek (OMK).  All are currently registered with PTAGIS and are updated regularly for interrogation data. 
Currently work is in progress on three new sites.  Salmon Creek above the OID (Okanogan Irrigation District) diversion, the upper cross channel between the Similkameen and Okanogan River on Driscoll Island and the Okanogan River near the lower cross channel between Driscoll and Eyhott Islands.  These sites should be installed and functioning within the next few months. 
Bonaparte Creek, Loup Loup Creek, and Tunk Creek are also to receive permanent PIT-tag array systems.  Locations are currently being scouted on these tributaries to the Okanogan River.  As sites are identified and agreed upon, work will begin to secure the location and to move forward with PIT-tag array system installations.