The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evaluation Project
The 2012 field season is underway! Changes to screw trapping, redd surveys, video lights
The 2012 field season is getting underway and several new changes are going into effect.  This year, the rotary screw trap program on the mainstem Okanogan River (in the town of Okanogan) will be operated by the Chief Joseph Hatchery Monitoring and Evaluation Program (CJHMEP).  Instead of a 24 hour sampling schedule, the crew will be conducting operations at night from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am the following morning.  Data consistent with previous years will be collected, and the data will be stored in CJHMEP's database.  Also new this year is an effort to document steelhead redds through aerial surveys.  A crew is currently flying from the mouth of the Okanogan to Lake Osoyoos and down the Similkameen every 1-2 weeks to observe steelhead redds.  This method may be incorporated into the current study design for monitoring steelhead spawning in the Okanogan.  Another exciting change was made to the video monitoring program, which updated all of the fluorescent lighting in the video boxes with new LED lights.  Not only are these lights more energy efficient, but they are significantly decreasing the electrical interference with nearby PIT tag antennas.