The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evaluation Project
Updating habitat data collection in response to BPA request, EDT model requirements
In response to the Bonneville Power Administration's request to shorten the amount of time it takes to report on our habitat data, we are changing our 5-year sampling rotation to a 4-year rotation.  This required us to redistribute sites sampled on the 5th year to be sampled in years 1-4, and we also decreased our overall number of sites.  However, because we are increasingly building our habitat monitoring program to be analyzed with Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment (EDT) modeling, we plan to collect habitat data on all reaches in the Okanogan Basin.  For reaches that do not already have a panel site, rapid assessments will be conducted.  Physical habitat attribute such as channel dimensions, gradient, substrate size and type, habitat complexity, riparian vegetation, human influence, and channel-riparian interaction will be assessed and incorporated with the similar, more detailed data collected at the panel sites and analyzed with EDT modeling.  The protocols and schedule for rapid assessments are still being developed, but may be implemented as soon as the summer of 2012.